What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power or Attorney (LPA), is a legal document in which you can appoint one or more persons to act on your behalf (an Attorney). They continue to be legally enforceable should you lose mental capacity.

There are TWO types of LPAs which you can apply for:

(1) Health and Welfare – this allows you to appoint people to make decisions about anything that relates to your personal welfare.

(2) Property and Financial Affairs – this allows you to appoint people to make decisions about your property and finances.

When making an application to obtain one of the LPAs above, you should have regard to the following:

(1) Who can / should you appoint as an Attorney?

(2) Should you appoint a replacement Attorney?

(3) How should the Attorneys act?

(a) Jointly?
(b) Jointly and severally?

(4) Would you like to give your Attorneys any guidance?

Such an application for an LPA can highlight a range of questions and queries that you can and should get expert advice on.

We here at Passmores Solicitors are fully qualified to guide you through the process to ensure your needs and wishes are appropriately catered for.

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