Legal Aid in 2020

Legal aid funding is an area that has been cut back since 2013, however many people do not know that Legal aid is still available in a number of family cases including Care, Contact, Divorce and Injunctions.

What is Legal Aid?

Legal aid is the process by which a client of a solicitor’s firm can obtain funding from the public purse for their legal fees either in full or in part. Legal aid is available to individuals who have a low income and have experienced certain behaviour from the other party in the case, such as their ex-partner, ex-husband or other relative.

Legal aid was significantly cut back in 2013 due to new requirements for additional evidence to show that an individual is eligible for legal aid, however Legal Aid is still available in a number of situations including contact disputes in relation to children, in cases where advice is sort in relation to obtaining a divorce, as well as when the Social Services have become involved with a family. Legal aid can also be available when an injunction or warning letter is needed due to another person’s behaviour.

It is therefore very important that where a person requires the assistance of a solicitor that they should ask about public funding when visiting their solicitor’s firm.

We are able to offer legal aid appointments at both our Cardiff and Barry offices and will undertake the individuals financial and family circumstances to determine whether they are eligible for legal aid.  We are keen to ensure that individuals who are unable to pay privately are able to obtain public funding where possible.