Growing Team Of Law Society Children Law Accreditation Specialist Solicitors

Charmaine Earley has recently joined our Catherine Roblin by becoming a Law Society Children Law Panel Specialist.

Cath Roblin, an Children law accredited solicitor since 1999 states that “Charmaine is a deserved member of the accreditation, having a vast knowledge of law in this area having acted in a wide number of complex and specialist children law cases.”

We are a team of solicitors who offer a high standard of representation to our client’s both parents and children. We appreciate that the cases we deal with are very sensitive in nature and we offer professional and efficient representation. We work closely together to ensure there is always someone available so our clients are supported throughout their matter.

Charmaine and Cath are expert in the areas of Non-Accidental Injuries, Sexual Abuse, neglect, cases with an international element and private law cases involving a Guardian.