Divorce and Dissolution

Divorce and Dissolution services in Barry, the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff, South Wales

image of couple looking sadPassmores Family Department have solicitors who are accredited members of the Law Society Advanced Family Panel who will offer specialist advice in divorce or dissolution proceedings.

A divorce can only be commenced on the grounds of the marriage having irretrievably broken down. This can be proven by one of five facts. The most common facts are unreasonable behaviour and adultery and living apart for two years if both parties agree. To dissolve a civil partnership you may rely on the same facts as a divorce however you cannot use the ground of adultery.

There are two vital issues at the time of divorce or dissolution where legal advice should be sought. They are the financial settlement and decisions concerning the children of the family.

In terms of the finances, there are a number of different options available. If you wish to resolve matters in an amicable manner without the court becoming involved, then you should consider either mediation or collaborative law. To find out more about those services, then please visit our sister website.

If matters cannot be agreed, then you may need to make an application to court. Our specialist team will advise and assist you through the process.

In terms of the children matters, it may be that an agreement can be negotiated within the divorce proceedings. If you are unable to reach an agreement then you may wish to make a separate application to court. More information on that can be found under our ‘Contact and Residence’ section.

We offer a fixed fee package for divorce cases and we are happy to discuss whether your case falls into this category. Learn more about our fixed fee packages for the petitioner or our fixed fee packages for the respondent.

Passmores offers a friendly, committed and efficient service when dealing with divorce and dissolution. If you live or work in Barry, the Vale of Glamorgan or Cardiff in South Wales then speak to one of our specialists today.

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