Conciliatory approach to separation

Our Sally Matthews has recently completed the Collaborative Law Training Course providing her with the skills to become an accomplished collaborative practitioner.

Local solicitors, including our Sally Matthews are pioneering a revolutionary approach which helps reduce the emotional costs on couples and their children when families separate and changing the way people resolve family breakdown.

Instead of dealing through solicitors, the new approach, called collaborative law, involves couples working with their solicitors, all together in the same room in order to reach agreement without the need for costly and stressful court battles.

A conciliatory approach is adopted which puts the needs of children first. By dealing with issues together, it is ensured that couples stay in control of their own futures, instead of leaving decisions to a Judge in a courtroom.

In particular collaborative lawyers sign an agreement which disqualifies them from representing you in Court if the collaborative process breaks down. This means they are absolutely committed to helping you find the best solution by agreement, rather than through conflict.