BEWARE of unregulated Will Writers

The Daily Telegraph (link below), has highlighted the unfortunate case of a woman who has had to take legal action as a result of problems caused by a low cost Will writing service used by her late father.

The Will writing service had omitted what should have been a simple formality in the Will writing process in relation to the severance of a joint tenancy agreement. The consequences of this ‘formality’ being omitted resulted in the woman not receiving the half share of the London property owned by her late father in accordance with his wishes, a matter of several hundred thousand pounds.

In this case, the ombudsman has investigated and found the low cost Will writing service to be clearly at fault, and has recommended a commensurate level of compensation be paid to the intended beneficiary.


To avoid such an unfortunate and costly mistake, ensure that your Will is properly prepared by a fully qualified solicitor in a firm regulated by the SRA. Solicitors have undertaken the necessary extensive training in this field to be able to give expert advice and to properly draw up your Will, taking into account your specific needs.

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